Hey Netflix and Spotify, meet Torrents Time

Torrents Time is the new kid in the block which streams torrent directly in your browser without having to download them.

Today, in a huge move, The Pirate Bay added support for the Torrents Time plugin, allowing the users to stream torrent easily. Torrents Time was first released on February 2nd, and had a viral adoption among users. But it didn’t stop there. TPB added the support for the plugin shortly after that.

Torrents Time usually works with any torrent site, and works right inside the browser. But the native support for the plugin by the torrent sites gives them credibility over the plugin. And looks like it has worked out so far.

On the other hand, I haven’t personally tried Torrents Time, as I’m not comfortable installing a package on my Mac, which is not from verified vendors.

This new support for the plugin could drive more users to the site, but also could bring in a lot of trouble to the site. Last year, same time, The Pirate Bay was pushed to the limits and was shut down. But just like a Phoenix, it came back up again.

It would only be a matter of time since we see something like this happen to TPB. We will have to wait until we see it.

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