Statsbot is your Google Analytics bot for Slack

Slack has a very unique way of connecting with developers. One of the biggest things that has happened to Slack and its users is the ability to integrate custom bots to talk to Slack. Here’s one such bot which goes a great job in bringing in Google Analytics statistics inside your Slack channel.

According to Mike Melanin, the Co-founder of Statsbot:

Statsbot monitors your application’s metrics by integrating with Google Analytics. Just connect your account, and Statsbot will show you the numbers right inside your Slack!

The bot is expected to get some more integrations in the upcoming releases. Statsbot is a great way to keep your entire team updated with your product’s analytics with easy, provided they love Slack notifications.

My Take on it:

I was checking out Statsbot and found that it is more powerful than it seems. The bot comes packed with a lot of commands which will fetch you the statistics you need at anytime of any day.

Here’s a screenshot of the commands you can use for fetching some metrics from your GA account using Statsbot:

statsbot slack google analytics commands

Ultimately, what matters despite the features of any product is the way it works, and the ease of use. And I would give Statsbot a huge thumbs up for the way the founders have explained what it is, the easy of use, and the pain point it solves.


In case you are trying out Statsbot, also remember to checkout other bots that works well with Slack. Checkout the Slack App Directory to find many more bots and integrations which might be of your interest.

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  • Statsbot is really good and handy! However, can you tell me how can i inspect statsbot metrics under Google analytics?

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