Now, Control your Server from Whatsapp

As crazy as it can get, a new Open Source Project promises that you would be able to control your server from within Whatsapp. Yes. You send the commands to the server or a group of servers on Whatsapp, and the server responds via Whatsapp.

Thanks to the good soul Karim Jedda. He has open sourced this new project whatsappcli which will help you control your server via Whatsapp. If you are a system administrator, this is literally your lifesaver.

I got a chance to try it out on one of our servers at Skcript, and booya, it just works. I was trying it out for basic things like checking the memory usage, and listing the files on a directory.

The installation was very simple than I thought, and the project is written in Python. Here’s how you install it, according to Karim:

  1. Install the image handling system dependencies on bash opt/
  2. Create a virtualenv and install the requirements pip install -r opt/requirements.pip
  3. Follow the instructions on src/ to get the whatsapp credentials
  4. Edit the src/ file to suit your CLI needs
  5. Then just run the server with python src/

Get whatsappcli now

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