Invision acquires Web Design tool maker, Macaw.

Macaw was probably one of the rapidly growing web designer tool the designers enjoyed using. Today, Macaw announced that they are joining the web-based design annotation tool company, Invision.

According to the announcement, Macaw will shut down the development and sale of its app, and will not provide support anymore. But users will be able to still download the tool if they desire.

The founders seem to be super excited about this new move for the company, and here’s what they said:

What’s up with Macaw? That’s something many have asked us over the past few months. With great pleasure, we can finally answer that question. We’ve joined InVision and will be rolling our innovations into their already incredible offerings.

Macaw started as a simple experiment and we’re humbled by what it turned into. We’re thrilled to be taking our products and experience to InVision where we’ll have the opportunity and resources to increase our impact on the industry we love.

We want to thank you – our users, community members, Kickstarters, advisors and everyone else who lent a hand. Your support has meant the world to us. We have much in store for you!

Thanks for the ride!
— Tom, Adam & Brandon

I wish the team all the very best, and I’m sure Invision is on to something really big in the coming months.

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