Fiftythree updates Paper for iOS with improved writing features

If there’s one app that I use on my iPad with the same passion I had for the device back when it launched, it is nothing but Paper by Fiftythree. The app has helped me create some basic art that I always wanted to create.

Every since the company updated its app with the ability to create notes and pointers, I’ve fallen in love with it even more. Today, the company released a very important update which puts the app in a different place in the App Ecosystem.

The latest update includes features which allows you to create notes with easy, along with the title, subtitle, list items and more. And this diagram below explain the swipe gestures you will ever need to use to make use of this feature:


Here’s the entire changelog for Paper for iOS 3.5:

This update introduces new automatic text formatting to make your notes look better, faster. You can also now send text and photos from other apps directly to Paper via our iOS Share Extension.

Love Paper? Please give us a review! We are reading every comment, review, and tweet, and your thoughts and suggestions will definitely be taken into consideration as we continue to evolve Paper.

Need help or want to send us feedback? Please contact us at We can’t respond to App Store reviews so please email if something seems broken.


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>– New text ideas will start with big bold text, and auto format to normal text as you continue typing.
– Text ideas will vertically center in the Spaces grid view.
– Paper is now available as an iOS Share Extension for compatible apps. Import text and photos from other apps directly into Paper through the iOS share menu.
– Bug fixes.

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