E-commerce sites awaiting Festival of Lights

E-commerce  is a sector with a drastic hike in growth.After all there has been a healthy competition between Amazon India and Flipkart to grab hold of Indian market.

Flipkart recently introduced its one day grand sale TheBigBillion Day where it has crossed over 600 Crore rupees sales. Though the BigBillionDay was successful in terms of sales, Flipkart faced a lot many issues due to Site traffic and Out of Stock issues pulling down the banner Flipkart had for its customer satisfaction.

After all the criticism Flipkart faced for the BigBillionDay,it is planning to open up a week full offer in regards to the festival of light.Except, this time Flipkart has promised to keep up every single promise it makes to its customers.

Amazon is ready to take over Flipkart with its Diwali Damaka Week from October 10 -16. If Amazon makes use of this opportunity and satisfy customer needs, there would definitely be a market shift towards Amazon.

Not to leave behind SnapDeal, there has been a buzz about its sale offer but no official news has hit grounds.

This diwali is expected to bring lights to many Shopping faces. Relax and check for the best offers.


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