Moto Hint is a $149.99 ‘Smart Ear Bud’ you can talk to.

Motorola Mobility is onto something these days. The company today unveiled its revolutionary Bluetooth Ear Buds, alongside Moto 360, the Moto Hint. This is a tiny, Bluetooth enabled ear bud that you can wear it in your ears.

The purpose of the ear bud is to interact with you, and its a device that is capable of doing more than just making phone calls, and allowing you to talk to your peers. With a powerful microphone, and a very subtle way of talking back to you using the power of Google Now, the device is stunning.

Motorola does not want you to lift even your fingers with this device to interact with your phone. Right from listening and replying to text messages to setting reminders, the device can do that for you. This is something that any gadget lover will fall in love with.

her movie ear buds - Moto hint
The ear buds as seen in the movie ‘Her’

Thought the device is not as small as the one seen in the movie Her, this is still not that noticeable, and is light weight.

One of the major concerns that I thought would exist with such devices would be the ability to listen to the real-world clearly, without any block. But according to the reviewers and early adopters of the device, it handles it smartly, and does not block the incoming environmental sounds to your ears.

Moto Hint comes with a ten hour battery life, and a very cute charging case, in which you can store the device, and it automagically charges itself. You don’t have to charge this tiny gadget, you will have to charge the case instead.

Motorola revealed that the device will be available to public this fall, and would come in a lot of color variants and for a $149.99 price tag. Well done Moto!

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