Moto 360 is here for $249. You better get one today.

Google I/O witnessed one of the biggest industrial shift of our time. The industry was getting into the smart watch phase with the launch of Android Wear. Google, unveiled its new Moto 360 at the mega event, but the release date was a mystery. But today, its all out in the market. The device is now available for $249 on the Play Store, in the United States.

Moto 360 comes with a new metal band option that is yet to be out on the Play Store. The pricing for the same will be $299.99 when it comes out later this fall. But the current version comes with a leather band, which will be a Motorola Accessory for just $29.99. The device weighs quite lesser than both LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, which Google gave away to the developers at the IO 2014.

Moto 360 sports a 1.56-inch 320×290 display, which a 205ppi, ported on a 46mm diameter circular display. The device sports a 320mAh battery that promises to give the user an all-day battery life, but some of the bloggers are reporting that you will have to change the device twice a day. But then, charging might be easier and stress free comparing it with that of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live’s charging units, since Moto 360 comes with a wireless charger with a dock.

With a 4GB internal storage and a 512MB RAM, which is the same as that of both of its competitors in the market. The design is super sleek and we think its the best designed smart watch till date. But then, there might be a competition for this, from LG, which unveiled its LG G Watch R at an event last month.

If you are looking at purchasing a Moto 360, here’s where you should be heading: Purchase Moto 360.

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