The Cloak of invisibility is getting real.

Everybody wants to go invisible, science fiction is all about Cloaking. We always had a love for cloaking and this feeling would never go down. Number of researchers have been working under this to formulate the Invisibility secret. A group of researchers from the University of Rochester has made this true with the concept of refraction of light.

The set up to achieve cloaking is not possible with readily available local materials for a common man. Researchers at the University of Rochester have found out a significantly more practical setup through the use of inexpensive lenses and some clever math.

With just four lenses arranged in a way, the researchers created an area between the lenses and anything that exists in that space is hidden from sight.This has so far been the best result of an invisibility cloak experiment, the object has remained hidden even when looking at it from multiple angles. The experiment is done for a smaller space, with larger lens they are expected to achieve better results and hide bigger objects.

Regardless of whatever said, this is definitely a turn in the cloaking research. Soon Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility is to knock our house.

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