Use your Google Cardboard with iPhone now

Google Cardboard after its introduction in the IO 2014, has come around the tech-maniacs. In case you are new to the term “Cardboard” , this is one awesome stuff you have to know about.

One Line description of Cardboard : A virtual reality kit made out of Cardboard that hardly costs $20 or 2,000 INR.

iOS might be Google’s competitor, but Google always has an eye over iOS users. The official Cardboard app is no where to be seen in the App Store which leaves behind the iOS users.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t sell Cardboard but a range of Cardboard is available in the Amazon store. Another great idea would be making your own Google Cardboard.Here is a how-to make your own VR Headset(Cardboard).


A great news for iOS users is there are a few apps that are compatible with the Google Cardboard to take you into the VR world.These apps were not intended for Cardboard but work for the stereoscopic contents-VR headsets. These apps were specifically made for the Durovis Dive, which was launched after the Google Cardboard to be called essential premium version of the Google cardboard.

At the moment almost all Cardboard compatible apps are running with the Durovis Dive. If you have an iPhone and a cardboard, here is a small group of free apps that you can use for your own Virtual Reality experience.

The Cardboard or any Virtual Reality headset running apps are not many in numbers, but a long turn is right around the corner. After the success of Google’s Cardboard, developers have got their eye on this side of the machine 😉


Sources : 9to5mac



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