Project Wing is the new product from Google [X].

We all know by this time that if there is something revolutionary that is coming out from the Internet giant, Google, then it is from a small and rapid team of thinkers at the company called, Google [X]. Over the years, the team has built products like Google Glass and Project Loon. The team has added one more product to its portfolio, the Project Wing.

Project Wing is an effort to deliver products with the help of custom built drones. The vision of this project is to bridge the gap that exists between ordering a product online, and getting it delivered with minimal delay. The team is focussed in creating drones that are reliable, cheap and very effective. In the amazing view below, you will find the scientists and the Google X team member talking about the effort that went in into creating the Project Wing.

The tests were conducted in Queensland, Australia recently, and the drone delivered candy bard, dog treats and much more to two farmers who were involved in the testing. The team also analyzed the reaction of the farmers and people who saw the drones flying across the sky, and we must admit that it is a fantastic idea to change the way products are delivered.

What’s next? Only the team knows. But my wildest imagination would be to build such products that are faster than the drones which are in production. Here’s the view for your viewing pleasure:

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