New update to Secret allows users to post polls and ask questions

The anonymous confession app, Secret released an update today which allows users to post simple Yes/No questions. The app which is primarily used to post confessions or ‘secrets’ now let’s you ask questions too. Other users will then be able to vote whether they agree or don’t agree.

The app which is renowned for it’s simple and minimalistic interface, seems to hold up it’s reputation with this update as well. It just takes a tap on a small button on the bottom right of the post screen, to turn the confession into a questions. Users can then vote instead of the traditional “hearting”.

It’s good to know that the recent ban of the Secret app on the Brazilian PlayStore, isn’t stopping this great app from going forward! Well us at 4CAST love using Secret and we can’t wait to put those questions to good use.

Here’s the entire change log from Secret, Inc.,:

• Turn any secret into a Yes or No question and see responses from your friends
• Add beautiful backgrounds from Flickr to your secrets
• Improved measures for your safety
• Bug fixes and substantial performance improvements

Here’s a screenshot gallery of the new update:

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