Amazing Moto G offers in Flipkart

Moto G, the recent hit-of-the-year mid range smartphone has landed in over a million users hand. Since the time of release it has blown away the users with its features for the price. The phone was launched with an amazing price of 13,000 INR in Flipkart which made users go crazy for it.

The company has suddenly slashed 2ooo INR for Moto G causing a mini heart-break to existing users. All this is to empty the stocks left in the Flipkart store. The store is now to be filled with Moto G2 successor of the successful Moto G along with the Moto X+1 release.

Flipkart has now again reduced another 500 bucks on the phone and also Flipkart is giving 50% off over Moto G mobile phone covers. If you are a Moto family user, you have to check out the store to get amazed and if you want to join the Moto family- there is still Moto G left for you to pick them up 😉 .


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