Wear Mini Launcher – all apps on your wear device are now just a swipe away

The Android Wear, probably the hottest topic at this years IO, has seen many takers and its definitely a hit among the Android rooters. Though it is a device that promotes Google Now to unimaginable extents there are some pretty useful third party apps that one would want to try out on their wear. There is even a Flappy Bird clone that you could play on just your android wear.

But given all the ups there is something that surveys have found to be not very likeable by wear users. It is the navigation to the third party app screen which is quite tedious given all swipes on your screen either lead you to your notifications or your timer or simply the home screen.

Now there is a way out of the cumbersome process with the recent launch of an app, called the Wear Mini Launcher, that will help you reach the app screen with just a swipe from the upper left corner of the screen.

android mini launcher

The app is now available in Google play store for free and can be downloaded to your smartphone after whose activation you can start swiping from the upper left corner of the wear for the app screen.

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