How to make your own Virtual Reality Kit

Google IO 2014 has just reached its end, the conference has been amazing with our team out there. Google Cardboard had its debut in the conference as an open source software with its experimental development kit. The blog site of Cardboard has given away a How-to for the hardware part and for the software parts Tutorials has been offered.

Links are provided for Online Sites to purchase the products.

Make your own Hardware for Google Cardboard:

  • Cardboard : Corrugated cardboard sheet,preferably E Flute(corrugated cardboard comes in a variety of thickness called “flutes”), available at many art supply stores and online. For better results,thin cardboards are prefered ( sturdy shoe box rather than moving box).Minimum size : 8.75 inch(22 cm) by 22inch(56 cm) and 0.09 inch(1.5mm) thickness. Online sources to purchase here and here.
  • Lenses : This is said to be the trickiest componenet.Lenses that have a 40mm focal distance.Biconvex lens work best as they reduce distortion around the edges. The producers have used Durovis OpenDive Lens Kit available here and here.
  • Magnets : One Neodynamium ring and one ceramic disk magnet. Approximate size of 0.75 inch(19mm) diameter and 0.12 inch(3mm) thickness.
  • Velcro : Two strips of regular strength adhesive– backed Velcro approximately sized 0.75 inch(20 mm) by 1.25 inch(30 mm).
  • Rubber band : One rubber band to prevent the phone from slipping out of its place.Minimum length of 3.2 inch(8 cm).
  • NFC Tag(Optional) : One NFC sticker tag. Program it with the URL cardboard://v1.0.0



We will also need a ruler, glue,scissors and an X-acto knife, or access to a laser cutter.

The rest relies on the folding of the product in a proper way as guided in the instruction set to get your hardware up and running. The software kit for download can be availed here.

The original Cardboard blog can be tracked here.


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