LokLok’s new messaging app; Connect with your friends right on your lock screen

LokLok is a new innovative app, that replaces the Android phone’s lock screen with a “synchronized whiteboard” that lets you to share photos, leave notes and drawings on your friend’s lock screen-all without having to unlock your phone. You can just take out your phone and start drawing.

Once installed, users are asked to select a group of friends with whom they’d like to use LokLok. Similar to other messging apps on market, LokLok’s messages are also “ephemeral”-it keeps only the last image of each group on their servers,once the user clears the screen,it will be lost forever.

Kwamecorp in a blog post

Since we launched the first version, we’ve had over 10,000 users trying the app and the feedback that we got was outstanding.We’ve had conversations with our Beta testers, added new features, iterated on existing ones and have seen our metrics evolve as a result. During the last weeks, we put a lot of effort on usability, privacy and stability and we now feel that LokLok is solid enough to be open to everyone.


Watch this video below to see how it works

It’s not just launching on Android first, but it’s the sort of app that could only be possible with and Android.Because Apple restricts apps from replacing core functions of the iOS.

Loklok CEO Guillermo Landin, said that he plans to branch out to iOS in the future,just in a different way. He says an iOS version is already in works,but the team doesn’t have a release date for it yet. But for now, it will remain an exclusive Android special toy.

LokLok is free to download from Google play.

Via: TechCrunch

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