Twitter GIF’s are not really GIF’s

Twitter recently announced it has now support for GIF format, but if you closely watch any motion video in the site-you can find a small distortion or a millisecond discontinuity in the GIF that plays. Now it has been revealed they aren’t actually GIF’s. GIF’s have always been famous in the Internet, but no much changes in it since its time of introduction.

Let’s look at an actual GIF now


Here is a Twitter GIF for you,


GIF’s are bitmap image format and in these twitter GIF’s if you closely observe you can find a split second between the roll back to first frame clearly telling us they are running loops. It has been found that Twitter converts these GIF’s to MP4 format and embeds them with HTML 5 Tags. Mp4 format actually takes in less space than the GIF’s. The main advantage of these MP4 is that they load at a much faster rate than your ever-loading GIF’s in an average broadband speed.

Twitter might look that it has entered GIF very late, but they have gone far ahead with this new idea.

Cheers Twitter 😉

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