Tweet Inception! It’s Tweets inside Tweets.

What fun is it to just Tweet? How about a Tweet-in-a-Tweet? Lame name, but it’s the newest on the Twitter App for Android and iOS. This latest version lets you embed tweets inside your tweets! To do this you’ll have to have the latest version of the Twitter App. Copy the link to someone’s Tweet and paste it into your Twitter app’s “new tweet” text box.

Tweet-in-a-TweetTo view the embedded tweets, you’ll have to click each tweet individually. Not making it much more visually different from an ordinary Tweet. And they won’t even show up on web interface! Though the entire process is more troublesome than straight out retweeting, it is pretty cool.

You can get the latest Twitter app from iTunes and Google Play now, even if the feature isn’t even listed in the What’s New sections. The update hasn’t been officially announced, so it might just disappear totally and remain as an experimental rollout and not a permanent addition to the apps.

The social network regularly tests new features with select users. Maybe we’re in for a Tweet redesign. Instead of your followers seeing an alien link from someone else, or you awkwardly adding your inputs while retweeting, this redesign makes sense. You could share your own inputs and give credit to the original Tweeter.

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