Only a Smile can turn off this Alarm

Alarm’s are always looked with a grumpy faces, almost every alarm on Earth has undergone hell-a-lot of beat ups. A unique idea to make your day begin with a beautiful sunny smile on your face, new Smile Alarm Clock.


At the first look it looks more like a smart phone but this is just another normal alarm clock with a glossy finish to make it look good.

So how does this work?

When the alarm goes on, you cannot simply stop with a swipe or a button click. All you have to do is give it a big shiny Smile 😀  No half-smiles or for-the-sake smile. A very amazing algorithm has been used to detect the facial expressions,so no faking the alarm until you smile at it.


No more hard actions on the alarm, give it a big beautiful smile else he is gonna beep again and again till he gets the smile from you.An amazing way to begin your day.

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