Nokia’s Wireless Charging – Wearable Trousers

When Apple, Samsung and Google are fighting over technology with its new Smart Watches and Smart Glasses, Nokia gives a new idea to Wearable technology.  We would have heard about shirts or tie that can monitor our Blood pressure and respiratory rate, but Wearable trousers are completely unheard term. These trousers can wirelessly start charging your phones, once the device hit the pockets.

These trousers have been designed as a part of Sauvage’s ‘Modern Man’ 2014 collection by British Fashion Designers. The designers helped in re-designing the trousers removing all the bulky packaging and sewed in the charging plate into the pockets of the trousers. That way this technology acts smart.

Though looks funny and interesting, couple of questions hang around with the product. What do we do when we run out of power? Do we get to stand beside a power port with our pants connected? And also possibility of shock must be taken into consideration. We know the amount of heat our Smart Phone produces and the condition of a Charger after 4 hours of charging. If charging is inside our pockets, think the amount of heat that is going to affect the skin under. Apart from all of this if you still want to try out the product, it is out for pre-order in Amazon UK.

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