The LG Soundplate review

With the notoriously mediocre sound quality of today’s slim television sets and the increasing need for clutter free and minimalist speaker boxes, Home theatre  specialists such as Bose and Denon. The latest to join the bandwagon is LG with the release of its very own Soundbar, dubbed SoundPlate. When we first got our hands on the LG Soundplate LAP340 the size of the soundbar took us by surprise, it definitely was not what the pictures had claimed. Though all the other features packed in are pretty laudable here is the 4Cast review of the LG Soundplate.



  • 120 W
  • 4.1 ch soundplate
  • dual sub woofers and
  • bluetooth connectivity


The LG Soundplate has a slim design and sleek look. Though it might look massive given the width of 28 inches  it is remarkably thin with a height of only 39.5mm. The device perfectly suits for households  and workspaces that prefer minimalist space consumption and wire work. It also goes with any decor and flat panel TV’s.

The device came along with an optical digital connector that can be plugged into the TV. The top surface are is rigid and has a surface area of 700×300 mm which is adequate enough to hold any TV weighing less than 38Kg. The airflow ports for the dual sub woofers are located on the downside.  All the connectors are at the rear and the front part houses a single power indicator that flashes while being paired with  bluetooth. There could have been more ports at the back for HDMI inputs and others with contemporaries such as Maxell providing them at a lesser price. The color changing LED though is a refreshing change  with red for muted, green for connected and orange for connected via bluetooth.

The build and feel wings exceed expectations and it is easily one of  the best looking soundplates out there  in the market.


The sparse port spaces are made up to with the bluetooth connectivity option that makes it easy to listen to songs stored on devices other than the TV, such as phones and laptops. The other feature exclusively for LG TV owners is called SoundSync. It is the wireless streaming of audio from LG TV’s that are wall mounted and the device can operated with the TV’s remote controls.  The pricing might also be an area of concern with a single piece along with the optical connector being priced at Rs.30,990.

Capsuling  Dual Neodymium speakers that contain high-end neodymium magnets the audio from the soundplate is clear and snappy unlike LG’s previous attempts.The volumes are also pretty high without almost no distortions and the tones are also reproduced accurately. A bass heavy music experience though is a big let down and lacks much needed thump. The LG Soundplate is a far cry from the quality and audio experience its rivals deliver but its looks and powerful sound may ring in the takers.


The LG Soundplate has some amazing looks and a sound quality that is more than satisfactory. The pricing might be a tad bit higher than what it actually delivers compared to contemporaries. Though we are not sure if it is the ultimate soundbar to own, it is more than what we had expected but definitely not enough.

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