Telegram is now available for Windows Phone

Telegram, the popular instant messaging app is now available for Windows Phone users. The launch comes in the right time, since WhatsApp faced a server outage last week, and was pulled for WP users. Telegram is a security focussed messaging app from Russia that was launched earlier last year for iOS and Android users. While WhatsApp promises that for just $1, you can have it’s service for free, Telegram promises to be free forever. Now all it’s goodness, is available for Windows Phone users also!

The messaging app has gotten quite famous over the past few months for it’s intriguing features. It includes timely auto-destruction of messages, encrypted communication and various other security features, making it a very powerful alternative to the popular WhatsApp.

Ever since the Facebook buyout of WhatsApp, there have been increasing concerns of privacy. Luckily for WhatsApp, this has fueled Telegram’s growth. The company tweeted a record of 5 million downloads on the AppStore.

Telegram for Windows Phone was initially developed by third-party developers used the resources out-sourced by the Telegram team. Initially called Ngram, it has gained enough momentum to be endorsed by Telegram itself and has now become official.

So lucky you Windows Phone users, you can get back in the loop again!

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