Google’s latest Algorithm – Panda 4.0

Google Panda was first released in February 2011, an algorithm for Google’s search result ranking. The algorithm is used to bring up higher-quality sites near the top and push back sites with lower quality or thin quality.This algorithm serves better for the users requirement by bringing related contents at the top and bringing down the spamming sites.

Google uses Quality Rater’s inputs to feed their machine language algorithm.Before panda, the scalability of machine learning was low and,this lead to the Panda update making Google’s machine learning abilities untouchable.

Google’s Mat Cutts officially announced the Panda 4.0 version is up and running, already causing a stir among webmasters and search engine users.

The major sites that have been pulled down the search is , The latter is said to have dropped back due to many spam links in its search.

To get your site to the search top, a few ideas:

  • Improve link profile
  • Start creating high quality contents – Informative and genuine items
  • Avoid manual penalties – Reduce ads.
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