Google Design Minutes!

Every person on internet spends most of his time googling. Google Inc, is a dream company for many young software developers and enthusiasts.  Google now paves way and helps in connecting them with their own employees.

This Google Design minutes features the hurdles that was faced behind each of its product.Experts and lead designers of google product talks about the challenges faced behind their product. Jon Wiley talks about Search, Sian Townsend and Jonah Jones talk about Google Maps and Isabelle Olson share a little bit the ideas behind Google Glass.

When Google launched, it was a crisp white page with a simple search box. You might not have thought there was much in the way of design, but its appearance underscored two of our most important principles: simplicity and usefulness. Those principles haven’t changed much in fifteen years, but our understanding of what makes great design has—throughout the industry. Today, there’s design in everything we touch. And as a developer, even if you don’t happen to be a formal designer, you’ve undoubtedly faced design challenges as you’ve built your own products. Design has always been a rich conversation, and it’s one that we’d like to have with you as you work on your projects and as we work on ours. – Nadya Direkova,

Want to understand your users? Take an acting class,says Wiley,who,among other important Tasks,is responsible for hiding Blade Runner and Zork references in Google products.

Speed: A beauty

Speed, the most important parameter for any site, explains Wiley. He discusses the importance of bringing out the beauty in things as simple as speed.

Glass: Make it simple

Isabelle Olson, next in line the lead designer of the Google glass, explains how the simple Glass has been transformed into the next jaw-dropping product in Queue.Simplicity the ultimate key.

Maps: Putting the user front and center

Sian Townsend takes into account the importance of understanding how a user approaches our product, while Jonah Jones talks about the userinterface and what a user usually expects.

Google Design Minutes videos are very insightful and useful to any designer or enthusiast.

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