Google designs a Smart Lens that helps detect the glucose levels in tears.

Here’s something that is even more interesting than Google Glass. Google Smart Lens project by Google[x], aims to detect the glucose levels in the tears of eyes, and transmitting the data wirelessly every second. The smart lens is being investigated by the US Food and Drug Administration for production.

The project is being head by Brian Otis and Babak Parviz at Google, and they think that this would help solve the world’s problem of diabetes. They also think that this would help save lives of people who are suffering from diabetes.

The world has already seen some glucose monitoring tools that can be embedded under the skin, but these tools are not efficient enough right now, and are a bit complicated to implement. Devices like Google Smart Lens will be the best way to detect the diabetes levels with just tears.

So now, all you need to do is to probably cry after wearing the tears, instead of shedding some blood from the body. The Smart Lens uses an antenna which is thinner than human hair, that is capable of transferring data to other devices which will fetch the data for you.

One more interesting part here is the idea to put a LED light into the lens, which will change color when the levels go more than the normal level. Talking about this project, Google reveals:

We’re in discussions with the FDA, but there’s still a lot more work to do to turn this technology into a system that people can use. We’re not going to do this alone: we plan to look for partners who are experts in bringing products like this to market. These partners will use our technology for a smart contact lens and develop apps that would make the measurements available to the wearer and their doctor.

This is a super cool project which will make you shed tears instead of blood.

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