Elementary, my dear Watson.

IBM’s super computing platform- Watson is set to get $1 billion dollars pumped in for its development.

IBM has announced the amount to be invested is for a new business program unit with a further $100 million dollars more for encouraging app-makers to develop apps on the platform.

One of IBM’s major innovations, Watson has bombed as a business in real life. The Wall Street Journal, the America’s daily fix for everything business and economic, has revealed that Watson has made less than $100 million dollars as revenue for its services thus far. That could be said to a tad bit disappointing for an operating system that has won America’s favorite quiz show, “Jeopardy”. In fact winning the game is what it is best remembered for.

With this in mind, IBM developers have decided to take on both Apple and Google- app store giants in the industry by launching their own app platform. This platform will presumably run parallel with the app models of Apple and Google. This, however, is not given out as a concrete fact, so though we should be excited for a new app platform competitor in the market that could help the existing titans think twice before charging us whopping amounts of money for their apps; we shouldn’t be too delighted- this is all in the works.

IBM announced the Watson Ecosystem Program for developers in November, offering services to help make sense of digital data and use the power of the super computational platform.

We wish Watson all the best for its re-launch and hope IBM has a couple of million dollars to lend us too. Preferably without interest.

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