Stuxnet infects International Space Station. Could cause potential damage to UK and US nuclear plants

Stuxnet, one of the most infamous and complex malware is now living on the International Space Station, according to the renowned security expert, Eugene Kaspersky. The infection was caused due to a USB stick that an astronaut carried to the International Space Station.

Not being connected to the internet does not necessarily protect you from malware. USB sticks are a potential devices that carry malware everywhere, and now, the International Space Station is reported affected by Stuxnet, a Windows based malware, that has the potential to take down a nuclear power plant.

Initially, it was reported that the malware has affected the Russian an unnamed nuclear power plant, which was cut down from the internet sometime ago. Now, the malware has spread outside the Russian territory, and has reportedly created the risk of affecting the nuclear power plants in the US and UK.

If you’re new to Stuxnet, it is one of the most notorious and complex malware ever created, which was supposed to be living under the wraps. The malware was reportedly created by the US Government and with the help of some experts. The video below would explain you the malware’s potential, and why the malware is so complex:

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