Google takes advantage of your picture to sell products to your friends.

Now you know why Google have huge importance to original names on Google+. And now you know why the company was so concerned about using your pictures and original data in their social network. Google updated their terms of service, to take advantage of your information like your profile picture and your name to show ads based on your comments, +1s as shared endorsements. 

The updated Google’s ToS states that the company will make use of your pictures and other information to display ads across different platforms among your friends. The company is yet to announce how the ads will look like and how the users’ data will be projected in these ads.

As of now, this is all that we know. We’re still not sure about what kind of social information will be used for these shared endorsements. These new ads are set to roll out starting November 11th, and Google is doing everything to make users be aware of these changes. The company pushed a notification to Chrome users and also to some more applications today.

This is a huge move by Google in the advertising space, and this is a very good example of how the users’ data are put to use to make profit, without giving some cut to the users who are the actual reason for these new social endorsements. 

We’re not sure if some company or some users is working on a lawsuit right now on Google, but we’re expecting this news to go big after November 11th.

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