Chennai based doctor to perform major surgery wearing Google Glass.

Google Glass, which is considered to be the next generation wearable computer, has been making rounds among doctors while they perform a surgery. Today, Dr. Rajkumar from Lifeline Hospitals in Chennai is planning to stream an important surgery live to the world using Google Glass.

For the first time in India, Dr. Rajkumar, will be performing an important bariatric surgery on a patient in Chennai, and the doctor will be all geared up with Google Glass, and would do a live hangout with the world.

Talking about this new step, Dr. Rajkumar says:

This is going to be a game-changer in medicine and I’m proud to be the first Indian surgeon to use this,

He also thinks that this is a best way for the students to watch a surgery without distracting the surgeon. This is not all, Dr. Rajkumar also thinks that this would help other experts from around the world to guide the surgeon performing the surgery with ease.

Using Google Glass during surgery is also going to give a lot more information with various data stored in Glass units during the surgery. We have reached out to the doctor to get some updates. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear from him.

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