Video of 2 second Formula 1 pit stop in slow motion.

Formula 1 is one of the sport which I’d always loved. And I’ve always wondered how these guys achieve changing the tyre in just a few seconds. Here’s a neat video which shows how the Red Bull team changes the tyre in just 2.05 seconds in really slow motion.

For the entire 2 seconds, there are 15 people working to get the car out of pit as soon as possible, and the rest of the time is the time it takes for the car to hit the track back again.

For each tyre, there are three people working. And there are three important steps to do to change the tyre. One has to remove the nut, the other pulls out the tyre, and the third would fit in a new tyre. All these happen in just 2 seconds.

Now, here’s the video of Red Bull team changing the F1 car’s tyre in just 2 seconds:

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