US Government just ‘renewed’ permission to track users’ phone calls.

The FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) has renewed their permission to track and watch all the phone calls from major cell phone carriers across the United States, in search of foreign terror or espionage.

Not so long ago, that we believed in NSA and their respect for users’ privacy. But then, today, here we are, worrying about how much we have been tracked all these years, and what other information the government has with them about us. The news that NSA forcefully obtained access to the users’ phone calls from Verizon broke in early June, and it was believed that there are a lot more carriers who’re providing users’ data to the NSA.

But today, there’s an almost public acknowledgement from the Government that these phone calls are being tracked and the Government also renewed its permission to track users’ phone calls from different cell phone carriers in the United States. The word comes from Mr. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, that they have declassified some information in the interest of the public and also to give the public a better understanding of the program.

If you’re wondering why this post talks about renewing the permission, well, yes, what you think is right. The NSA previously had the permission to track users’ phone calls from the FISC. The order, was set to expire on Friday, and now, its been renewed by the court which has 11 federal judges to make it legal. We’re not sure until which date the order will be valid though.

Now, whatever data which you send it through the servers in the US, it’s going to be tracked as usual, and if you are undergoing a bad time in life, you know what might be its effect. But on the other side, as a lot of them have been arguing with me, these measures have stopped a lot of terrorists attacks in the country, and possibly across the world. But still, I think the innocent users should know what their Government is doing to protect them.

On the other hand, these acts are highly illegal when an individual tries out. Like snooping into users’ private data. But now that the Government is doing the same stuff, it has raised a lot of questions on what’s legal and what’s illegal.  You can read the entire ruling by hitting the source link below.

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