iOS 7: Fix iPhone or iPad Cannot Connect to App Store issue.

Here’s are a list of simple fixes for your iOS 7 OS running on iPhone or iPad. These tips will help you fix “Cannot Connect to App Store” error message in iOS 7.

iOS 7 is still buggy. And all the major changes the company has worked on, has been opening doors to a lot of bugs. The new OS is easily one of the best from Apple, and a lot of people thanked the company for making the App Store, a better and faster place to download apps, when compared to the App Store in iOS 6.

The new App Store works a little different than it did in iOS 6. But then, sometimes, all your apps might get updated in the background from the App Store, but when you try to download or access the App Store content, you might get an error message which reads: “Cannot Connect to App Store”.

The issue lies either with the build you’re using or with the internet connection. For some reason, my DNS has been behaving really bad with App Store, and so I’ve tried some of the fixes with three different devices running iOS 7, one being an iPad. Here are some of the fixes that might help you solve this issue:

  1. Change the default DNS of your iPhone or iPad (If connected to WiFi)
  2. If you’re on cellular data, then try switching to a WiFi network and then access the App Store.
  3. Do a Hard Reboot of the device: Press and Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake button at the same time until the device switches off. Then, turn it back on normally.
  4. Kill the App Store app, Reset the Network Settings under Settings > General and try accessing the App Store again.

These were some methods which fixed the App Store issue for me. But if you’ve got some more methods to fix this, the comments section if open for you.

  • as

    didnt solve my problem :/ i wish i had wait 1 week 🙁

  • trac

    I just went into my iTunes on my laptop and went restore backup from computer and it works fine now

  • Just found your tip: Resetting the network on the iPhone solved the problem. THX.

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