iOS 7 How-To: Delete a message from Messages

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to delete a message from Message app on iOS 7. The radically new OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might be pretty new to use for some users. 

Apple’s iOS 7 brings in a lot of features to the users and over 1500 APIs for the developers. But then, as a end-user, some of the changes which Apple has made might be a little difficult to get used to, initially.

One such situation might arise when using Messages on your iOS 7 device. I took a little time to initially know how I could forward a message or even delete a message from Messages app. Here’s how you could do so.

  • Hopefully, you’re in the Message app, looking at a Message Thread. 
  • Now, tap and hold on a Message in the thread.
  • It will show a Context Menu which reads, Copy and More.
    delete message in ios 7
  • Tap on More. And it’s all yours now.
  • delete message in ios 7-1

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