iOS 7 Alerts you when your connect your device to a new computer.

A new feature in iOS 7 prompts the user if they trust the newly connected computer. Once the user taps on Trust, the device gives full access to the computer.

During the Keynote, Craig spoke about only ten of the many new features in iOS 7. One such feature which is pretty new is that the OS prompts the user is they trust the newly connected computer or not.

If you select Trust, the iPhone gives you full access to the iTunes installed on the machine. If you tap on Don’t trust, the device does nothing but just charge. This is one of the many security features that Apple has introduced in iOS 7.


I’m currently exploring some of the features that Apple has introduced in the new version of iOS. I’ll keep you posted about the new findings as and when I come across some.

Image Source: Ars Technica

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