How to find the MAC address of Chromebook

It’s not that easy to figure out the MAC address of the Chromebook which runs Chrome OS. But then, its possible. Here’s how to do that.

I recently got a Chromebook Pixel and I have been using it much more than my iPad. The device is just brilliant and boy I’m in love with the display. But then, in my cousin’s home, I had to add the MAC address of the device in-order to connect to his WiFi network. And that’s when things started getting difficult and different.

While in some versions, the MAC address of the machine can be found just by clicking on the i icon in the WiFi settings screen, some builds does not have this feature. In such cases, here’s how to get the MAC address.

How to get the MAC address of Chromebook:

  • Open Chrome and type chrome://system
  • Now, look for the field which reads ifconfig
  • Click on Expand and look for the parameter HWaddr

And boom, there you have it. The MAC address of your Chromebook’s WiFi card.

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