GlassSim is a web app which lets your create your own Glass screenshots.

GlassSim is a new web app by Mutual Mobile, which lets your create (simulate) your own screenshots with Google Glass interface. The app greatly helps to prototype your Glass app easily.

I’ve told many times that Google Glass has been getting a lot of developer attention. Today, there’s a new app for the developers who would like to create screenshots of their newly developed applications for Google Glass.

According to the description, the GlassSim says:

“It’s a simple tool for conceptualizing prototyping Google Glass applications. In just a few minutes, you can build a visualization of what a Google Glass wearer would see using your app.”

All you need to do is just simply choose the template which is shown when accessing the website for the first time, and then, once the template is chosen, its all yours. Just modify the parameters you need and boom, share it across.

While exploring I did not find a way to export the screen as PNG or JPEG. But then, you can always do a screenshot. If you are a Glass developer, and if you wish to grab some really good screenshots of your app for marketing, this might be your solution.

Here’s a video description of GlassSim:

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