You can’t send an iMessage saying “I could be the next Obama” from your iDevice.

Here’s something interesting. You can’t actually send a iMessage from your iDevice reading “I could be the next Obama”. This might be just another destructive easter egg on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

Apple is actually known for having some easter eggs in their icons and such. But this is something really cool. Discovered by a Reddit user, the company will not allow anyone to send an iMessage from iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch saying I could be the next Obama”When you try to send this message to someone, with Autocorrect turned on, the system automatically omits the name Obama from the message.

This seems to occur only on the mobile devices, and now on the MacBook Pros or Mac OS for that matter. And some users also say that this is country dependent, but I don’t really think it is. Moreover, this seems to truncate only the complete message preview in a thread, but the preview which the list view displays in the Messages app still shows the entire message with Obama’s name. Funny? Weird? What?

If you remember, there’s this Steve Jobs’ quote in the TextEdit icon on your Mac. Here’s how to take a look at it. Meanwhile, Apple donated $100,000 worth of Mac Pro with 64GB RAM in them to a CS Lab.

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