Microsoft accounts get Two-factor Authentication

Microsoft has added two-factor authentication for its users today, beefing up its security protocols to their services.

The long awaited security beef up is now starting to roll from Microsoft. The Redmond based software maker is rolling out this feature to its uses slowly starting today, and the transition is going to be happening in the weeks to come. The new update will also bring some important features like app passwords for Xbox and other services (We’re not sure about the Windows Phones) and we think this is a brilliant move by the company.

But how are you going to do the two-factor pass codes? Well, the company already has an app in the Marketplace for Windows Phones, but you can also use your other accounts to get the pass codes. But what if you own a Microsoft account, and are on Android or iOS? There’s no hear on that. And if you’re in this cross-platform situation, then you’ve gotta wait for sometime for the company to shed more light on this.

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