How to fetch the IP address of Google Glass for ADB

Here’s how you could use ADB on Google Glass via TCP by just assigning Google Glass with a IP address to which you can reach out to.

So you’ve got your Google Glass in hand. Lucky you. And you’ve also installed the ADB in the system. But then, the ADB via TCP still works on Google Glass. If you are one of those who hate to have Glass Connected to the computer via USB, and if you would like to use the ADB via TCP, then you;ve got to assign Glass, so that you can perform your actions via TCP IP.

But then, Glass would have automatically fetched an IP via DHCP by default. So here’s how to

How to get the IP address of Google Glass:

  1. In ADB, run adb shell netcfg
  2. Now, to access ADB, you need to open up port 5555: adb tcpip 5555
  3. Now, to connect your ADP via TCP, execute this command: adb connect <IP you got from step-1>
  4. And then, start accessing the ADB Shell by typing: adb shell

And boom, that’s it. You’re now accessing ADB via TCP. Have fun. If you’re wondering how to access the menu options in Google Glass, here’s a neat video which explains that. And also, may be you might be interested in sending your photos to Google Drive from Google Glass.

  • marciokoko

    ok when I do dab shell net cfg on my mac, I get dummy, p2p, mhi, sit, lo, wlan,rmnetctl, ip6tn10, usbnet0…which of those is glass?

  • Carlos

    Wow! Fantastic 🙂 Thanks for this! This will be great for Glass demos

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