How people take screenshots with Google Glass?

Here’s how you (If you own a Glass) could take a screenshot using Google Glass and its MyGlass app companion for Android.

Google has already been making some constant rounds in the media for its Google Glass, and there are quite a number of explorers now across the world. I don’t own a Glass at this time of writing and I’m not expecting to come out to the public during this year’s IO either. But then, I have been following the news about Google Glass very seriously, and lately I have been seeing a lot of screenshots of apps like The New York Times on Google Glass. I was curious. How do people take screenshots with their Glasses? Do they even swipe or may be do a eye gesture or something to take a screenshot?

But looks like I was wrong. I should have also had in mind that the Glass has a companion app called the MyGlass, which would give the Glass owners the power to take screenshots of what they are looking at. Interesting huh? And now, I was even more curious. Here were some of the questions that came to my mind when talking about screenshots + Google Glass:

  • Do they have a gesture to take screenshot of what they’re looking at?
  • Do they use the trackpad to take screenshots?
  • Do they use some menu options to take screenshots?
  • If people are going to use MyGlass app for Android, is it like Glass is just mirroring all that it displays in the app?

But then, all my questions* were solved. Thanks to Mike DiGiovanni for helping me with this. Let’s now see how they actually take screenshots using Google Glass:

Screenshots on Google Glass:

  • Fireup the MyGlass app for Android.
  • You’ll find a section called Screencast (Yes. Screencast)
  • Just flick it to Enable that option
  • And from then on, you’ll be able to get the screenshots using your MyGlass app. Once a Screenshot is taken, the photo is going to be saved locally on Glass, and its up to you to share or do whatever you want with the screenshot.

Alternatively, Mike has also suggested to use ADB, which can access Google Glass via TCP, to take screenshots on Glass.

This was actually interesting to learn how Google Glass works. And thanks to all the Google Glass Explorers for sharing the information.

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