Samsung’s HomeSync media streaming device unveiled. Comes with 1080p Streaming and 1TB HDD.

Samsung today announced the new HomeSync server at the Mobile World Congress, which is expected to take an ample amount of marketshare from the current Apple TV. The new device comes with a TB of storage space, 1080p streaming capability and an integrated system for performing a lot of interesting features.

Apple TV has been dominating the market for sometime now, and Samsung is trying to do the same it did with the iPhones. The company today unveiled its new HomeSync media streaming server, which would hook up to your television and stream the content using WiFi, just like how the Apple TV would work.

While Apple TV is running on iOS, the new HomeSync is running on Android Jelly Bean. But here’s something that would mark itself apart from the Apple TV. The HomeSync would have access to the Google Play Store, opening opportunities for installing a lot of apps on the HomeSync media device. The software would allow eight accounts per device, and each accounts would be protected with password. Samsung has also worked on a new way to sync some contents to the Samsung Galaxy device.

The Samsung HomeSync would come with a 1.7GHz Dual-Core Processor, 1GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD, a Ethernet, HDMI and USB port. Samsung is yet to reveal the pricing and the availability of the new device. But it is clear that the device would be available only in selected countries when it launches.

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