How to convert Pages to PDF or Word on iPad or iPhone?

Pages for iOS is a really powerful mobile companion of the Pages for Mac. And it is probably the most easiest method to convert a .Pages document into PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Most of the time, the compatibility issues are a major problem with Mac and Windows. And there would be multiple situations where you’d have to share a document which you created with Pages on iPad or Mac, with your friend, who is using a Windows machine. This is where Apple’s usability comes into picture.

Pages for iOS makes it really easy to share your Pages document as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF. Here’s how to share a Pages document as PDF or Word document:

Export Pages document as PDF or Word:

  1. Open the document you want to export as PDF or Word
  2. Now, Tap on the Gear icon at the top right corner of Pages for iOSPages to PDF-1
  3. Tap on Share and PrintPages to PDF-2
  4. Tap on Email DocumentPages to PDF-3 2
  5. Now, Pages for iOS is going to show you an option to share your document as Pages, PDF or Word.Pages to PDF-4
  6. And boom, you’re done converting the Pages document into Word or PDF.

Note: There might be some alignment mismatches when converting the Pages document into Word.

  • Lisa Michael-Hall

    you can easily convert various docs including Pages, keynote and numbers and word docs using the writepdf app on either the iphone or ipad

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