Here’s the entire video of PlayStation 4 event by Sony

Sony unveiled their new PlayStation 4 at the recent event, without actually showing the device in public, and releasing the configuration document post the event. Now, here’s the entire video recording of the Sony PlayStation 4 event.

Not so awesome presentations, no device preview, no release date announcement, no device specification and no excitement. This is how the Keynote address happened yesterday from Sony for their new PlayStation 4. All these time, we’ve been calling out the name, PlayStation 4, but no one has actually managed to see the device in person. The company actually had a prototype, which ran the Knock, a new game being developed by Sony themselves.

Now atleast, we have the specification sheet of PlayStation 4, with which you can calculate the price tag for the new console. Here’s the entire video recording of the Sony’s PlayStation 4 Keynote address. The only which was shown in person was the new Controller, which comes with a Light Bar, Touchpad, and easy sharing buttons.

Image Source: BGR

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