How to skip iPod or iPad or iPhone backup on iTunes 11?

A quick tutorial on how you could skip Backing up the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch to your computer on iTunes 11.

Apple’s iTunes 11 has got an addition to the feature list. Or atleast, it is now visible. Sometimes, when you’re syncing your iDevice with your computer, using iTunes, you might sometimes change your mind to skip the backup process alone, and sync the songs or photos to your device right away. iTunes 11 has got this feature to do exactly what you desire here. Or at least, its visible in this version of iTunes.

While this is a major redesign of the iTunes ever since iTunes, some users find it a little complicated to get used to it. We’re just trying to help those who’re looking out for some quick How-Tos to make the iTunes more usable. Now, let’s jump right into the tutorial.

How to Skip Backup process on iTunes 11?

  1. Open iTunes and Connect your device which you wish to sync. Make sure that the device you’re syncing does not have iCloud backup enabled.
  2. Now, Select your device from the iTunes Sidebar, and click on Sync. If you’re not finding the iTunes Sidebar, here’s how to enable it.
  3. When the Syncing starts, you’ll first find it backing up to your computer. Now, you’ll see a small icon right next to the progress bar in iTunes.
  4. Just click on that button. And it would skip the backup and would start syncing data between your iTunes Library and your device.
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