How to access iCloud Tabs on your iPhone or iPad or Mac?

Here’s how to access or sync the iOS 6’s iCloud Tabs on your iPhone or iPod or iPad or Mac OS.

Apple introduced the new iCloud Tabs feature for Safari across all the iOS devices that run iOS 6 earlier this year, and the feature has been the most sought-out feature of iOS 6. The iCloud Tab syncs all the open website tabs across multiple devices, and makes use of the iCloud’s push system to sync the Open Tabs.

Lets now see how to use the iCloud Tabs feature to sync your tabs across various iOS devices. The sync works only one way, and you’ll not be able to control the tabs (Like closing the open tabs) on other devices, since this is how it is meant to work.

How to use iCloud Tabs on your iPhone or iPad or Mac?

  • Open Safari (on your iPhone or iPad or Mac) and tap the bookmarks icon
  • Tap “iCloud Tabs” to list all tabs from other devices with the same iCloud account (Apple Account)
  • Tap on the link that shows up to open it in on the iPhone or iPod touch or iPad or Mac.

To be more clear, here’s a video showcasing on how the iCloud Tabs can be used on Safari for Mac:

Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch:

Here’s a screenshot walkthrough for iPhone. This is similar in iPad, iPod Touch too.

Tap the Bookmark icon in Mobile Safari.
Tap the iCloud Tabs list item.
You’ll find the tabs open on other devices.
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