Google for iOS updated with Voice integrated Knowledge Graph features.

Google for iOS has been updated with Google Now like Knowledge Graph features, that lets you speak to get an answer from the Search Engine.

Google’s Knowledge Graph is ultra useful for a lot of people, and the company has updated its Google App for the iOS with voice based search, and iPhone 5 support. Apple’s Siri debuted about a year back, and is now on a the iPad and iPhone. Though Siri has a personality, it fails in some cases like getting correct directions, and also some accuracy for foreign accents.

Google’s latest update for the iOS has literally posed a direct threat to Apple’s Siri in recognizing foreign accents and also fetching information very quickly. The Google’s iOS app just shows the web based results, but still, that’s pretty accurate. Moreover, the app now takes advantage of the iPhone 5’s taller screen.

Here’s the change log for Google for iOS version 2.5:

Updated for the iPhone 5
Improved Voice Search
✓ Simply say what you want and get results without typing.
✓ Faster and significantly improved voice recognition with text streamed on the fly.
✓ Get answers spoken directly back to you with web results tailored to your questions.
✓ Want to see types of questions that work well? Visit

Download: Google for iOS from App Store

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