Google Maps show traffic information for major Indian cities on Web and Mobile

Google has now updated the Google Maps web application and the mobile app to show traffic information in some of the major cities in India including Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

We told you that its coming, and now, its here. Google has updated their Google Maps web application as well as the iOS and Android apps to show traffic information for major cities in India. The service now offers traffic congestion across these cities despite the turn-by-turn voice based navigation. The most congested road, where the traffic is moving slow is depicted by Red color and the free and fast moving lanes are denoted by green.We’re yet to try out the voice based turn-by-turn navigation for Chennai, and we’ll keep you posted about some cool stuff in the coming posts. The routes in Chennai are not constant at the moment due to various construction projects across the city. We’ll have to check how the Google Maps would adopt these changes which happens overnight.

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