How to setup email ID to your email client on Mac or Windows!

Here’s are the settings to configure email ID to your desktop email client on Mac or Windows! 

Microsoft unveiled, a pretty new email domain to the public earlier this week, and there’s been a lot of queries about setting the email service to the desktop email clients and also some of the mobile mail clients. So, here’s how you could do so!

Microsoft’s Outlook came out with a beautiful Metro UI interface, and the company also upgraded the Hotmail accounts to this new look. But as you might know, Microsoft does not support IMAP features, like how GMail does. But fortunately, the service allows POP mail access to the servers.

The configuration below should work on almost all the email clients on both Mac and Windows.

  1. Launch your email application that you want email to be configured.
  2. Add a new account by going to Preferences > Accounts (I’m writing this in a generic sense. Adding an email account might vary from one email client to another).
  3. Now, type in your email ID and password when prompted.
  4. Let the email client identify the server settings. Most of the email clients fail doing this, and they’ll be prompting you to manually enter the server details.
  5. Select the email server as POP.
  6. Type in Incoming mail server section.
  7. Type in Outgoing mail server section.
  8. Set the ports to default when asked.
  9. If there’s some problem sending emails from your client. Change the Outgoing mail server setting to use SSL, and set the port as either 25 or 465 or 587.
  10. And, that’s it! You’re done! You just configured email ID to your desktop client!
Hope this helps!
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