Hackers take down AMD and The Botting Network blogs. Exposes thousands of users’ emails and passwords online!

A new hacker group called r00tBeer Security Team, today hacked the AMD and also TheBotNet, exposing thousands of email addresses and passwords of the users online.

AMD, the well known semiconductor manufacturer’s blog today got backed by a group of hackers called r00tBeer Security Team. The hackers have exposed over 200 email IDs and user credentials on one of the most popular file sharing website. THN somehow managed to get the screenshot of the hack that was imposed on this blog. But now, looks like AMD has taken down their blog, to prevent further hacktivism on their portal.

One another site that was hacked out today, was The Botting Network, which has over 9600 user credentials. in it. The hackers have exposed all of the users’ credentials onto the file sharing website, and now, the blog is down for maintenance. The Botting Network focuses mainly on How to make Money kind of articles, and now, its down completely.

We will keep you posted about this issue, and we’ve already reached out to AMD to know more about this hack.

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