Disable Automatic Software update feature on OS X Mountain Lion!

Here’s how to disable the Automatic Software update feature on OS X Mountain Lion and stop it from downloading updates in the background. 

If you are one of the 3 million people who are on Mountain Lion, then you might have noticed that the OS would have downloaded some update automatically in the background, consuming a lot of your bandwidth without you noticing it. While this may be bad for some, Apple has given us an option to disable this automatic software update feature on the OS.

This auto download feature is not only for the System updates, but also for all the apps that are currently installed in the system. It obviously consumes a lot of bandwidth unknowingly. And here’s how you could disable this feature.

How to disable Automatic Software Update feature on Mountain Lion:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Choose Software UpdateScreen Shot 2012 08 06 at 5 32 14 PM
  3. Enter the admin privileges when prompted.
  4. Now, Uncheck the box which reads “Download newly available updates in the background.”Screen Shot 2012 08 06 at 5 32 20 PM
  5. I would recommend you to leave the Install system data files and security updates.” option ticked. This is going to help your Mac stay safe .
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